Better connections between systems, data and campaigns meant better connections between RBC and its customers.

Royal Bank of Canada had great marketing and great customers—but they didn’t have a great view into how those connected. They needed to build a system that could interpret touchpoints across channels to create more relevant messaging for consumers—and result in higher ROI, improved cross-sell, and more targeted messaging.

We started in the most impactful area possible, building models to show highest-value client acquisition and retention scenarios based on long-term media exposure. We identified the information that would give us the most insights quickly, and integrated a number of different internal systems, including campaign, retail, legal/compliance, and more, Then we created an easy-to-use dashboard to display analytics and reporting to the RBC team, with a focus on which channels and activities were delivering the most client value, enabling them to make informed, strategic decisions about marketing.

These efforts greatly improved ROI for RBC, allowing them to reduce the frequency of outbound messages while increasing the relevance and responsiveness over the short- and long term.