Partnering from concept through continuous optimization, we doubled our goals and then some.

Citibank Direct wanted to own the high-yield savings market in the US. In order to reach their goal of acquiring 150,000 new saving account customers, we partnered with them to develop everything from offer through implementation. With strict measurements in place, we combined paid media and search optimization and developed a “test and learn” environment in order to continually optimize their campaign.

It worked! During the nine-month campaign, 300,000 new, high-value accounts came from interactive channels alone, with even more residual effective. Citi has become the premier player in the high yield savings markets in the US, attracting significant new to bank clients, while driving large incremental deposits from existing clients.

And because we tied site usage, conversion, and client value information together, Citi was able to maximize long-term client value and cross-selling post-conversion.