Conversations with customers drove higher sales and engagement, lower costs, and priceless learnings.

In the cruise industry, a staggering 93% of bookings occur via travel sites and agents. This means that Celebrity’s first chance to meet their customers was most often at embarkation/arrival—a slow, hot, tiresome process.

Our dynamic email content delivery system changed all that, enabling Celebrity to contact customers and build rapport up to six months before the cruise, with automated relevant content and imagery based on destination, cruise date, loyalty status and more. We discovered that customers are more likely to make purchases before the actual cruise, where they don’t see it as part of their daily cruise budget.

Combining the email and site systems with a custom eCRM data warehouse enabled Celebrity to track customer and creative value by linking online interactions to on-board (offline) behavior. All of this valuable information not only resulted in informed, optimized campaigns; Celebrity also enjoyed a 41% decrease in book-to-sail attrition, a 15% increase in incremental on-board revenue, 80% of cruisers using the site prior to their trip, and satisfaction scores that had never been achieved before.